Okej, imorgon börjar jag högskolan. Jag känner ångest inför detta av ex antal olika anledningar:

1. Jag har ingen aning om var salen jag ska vara i ligger eller hur jag ska hitta den...

2. Jag har ingen aning om vad jag ska ha på mig.

3. Jag kommer säkert vara typ yngst.

4. Jag kommer vara helt ensam och känna mig som ett jävla miffo.

5. Det är i samma byggnad som min gamla skola. Jag kommer säkert träffa någon jag känner och det kommer bli sjukt awkward...

Men det fina är att jag sitter här och oroar mig som fan nu, men när jag väl sitter där på uppropet imorgon (förutsatt att jag faktiskt klarar av punkt 1) så kommer det säkert kännas hur bra som helst. Jag hatar första dagen. Det var samma sak när jag började gymnasiet. Men då hade jag i alla fall Sanna. Nu måste jag klara mig själv... presseN.

Men frågan är ändå: borde jag gå och hälsa på Spoke?

Goodbye artwork

Okay, so here's the deal. I decided that this blog is from now on solely a blog were I write about things that happen in my everyday life that I feel some kind of need to expess for the world to read. There will be no more of my "artwork", such as photos, poems or drawings ever again. If you're reading this blog for the pictures or whatever, then I suggest you stop reading this blog and start reading Monster Youth instead, which is were all those things I just mentioned will be posted for now on (all "fashion/style/outfit-posts" will go there too). Since what I will be writing here now will only be of interest of possiply fiends and family (probably not even them...), I will stop writing in English and go back to Swedish. It feels a bit stupid to write in english when I don't even think I have foreign readers anymore.

So... MONSTER YOUTH, ffs! And btw, my amount of readers on that blog as been more than decupled since I joined Lookbook!

This is my last post in english.

lots of love.

the legendary white leather jacket


note to self: Du vill ha den här jackan och den ä från modekungen. Glöm det inte.

the small things that makes the world beautiful

A (shes to Ashes)





Firefox knows what I want.

Love Keeley

hahaha, w00t?

Shoe heaven


Man blir ju alldeles till sig!

Utdate: Never in my life have it tried on a pair of shoes that hurt as much, even just when sitting down. But DAMN they look good.

Diamond Dogs

Colouring my tips blue while listening to the Diamond Dogs CD. I really like the colour so far. Let's just hope it looks as good when it's dry.

They Don't make them like this anymore.

UPDATE: Washed out the colour now, and towel direied. I'm so very very pleased so far!

Coral Blue

It's so annoying. I've been dressing down for seven weeks because of work. And now, when I'm FINALLY allowed to wear whatever I like again I just can't seem to figure what!

Anyway, I bought hair colour today. Stargazer Coral Blue. It's a bit dark, but I'm going to mix it with some conditioner to make it lighter. And no, I am not colouring my whole hair, just the tips.

Latest TV-show obsessions



Axe Identity




Today at work I ate an apricot for the first time (I think). Not that anyone cares , but I said I was gonna blog about it so I am. It tasted just like a plum.

And I like the change in my statistic at Monster Youth since I got my lookbook. Not that I have many readers anyway, but it's still nice.

No way

So, since it's been raining cats and dogs my whole working day today and I spend a large part of lolling about outside, it seems as if I cought myself a cold. I sneeze crazy I can hardly breathe through my nose. But I'm not gonna be sick. I have three more days at work AND I WILL NOT GET SICK.

But that's just the way it is

My bed need a severe amount of "cleaning up" if I'm going to sleep at all tonight... I brought out some coats, since it seems that there's not much summer left. I miss my furcoats and I'm feeling optimistic. Probably wont be able to use them for another few months though. Wonder what the weather's like in Paris?

Lady Gaga in Vanity Fair

Amanda sent this to me on facebook and I just have to say that this is my favourite photoshoot with her ever. I would die for a copy of this Vanity Fair issue. Gonna try and get hold of one when it comes out and when I get my pay.

Look look

Yeah hi,

I'm sitting all alone in my room doing nothing. I WAS watching Identity (KEELEEEEEY ♥) but now I finished the whole series 1 (which is like, only six episodes, but still). It was a really sweet ending. You know the kind when it's almost alright if they don't do a follow up, 'cause it was a good way for it to go. Though I will be a bit sad if I don't get more Keeley.

I've been eating lots of chips and drunk way to much soda for this hour. But tomorrow's my day of so it's alright if I don't fall asleep in time. Only four more working days until I finally get that little bit of summerbreak I totally missed out on.

And if your wondering, the reason I'm only writing in english nowadays is that I'm so tired all the time and it's so boring to translate the swedish texts. And it looses a bit of the meaning when you just translate it right of. So much more fun just writing in english to begin with.

BUT ANYWAY, my point being that I don't do much of importance at all lately and therefore I don't write here very much (very very rarely actually). From time to time I acctually think about stop using this blog altogether, and just have Monster Youth, but then again, where will I empty my brain of this useless yapping? So I'll still keep on updating here every now and then, at least for the while being, and if it bores you then don't read.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling down or sad or anything like that, I'm actually very happy apart from the tiredness. It just seems that my life is working out very well for me, I just REALLY need that summerbreak and the trip in late september with mum.

And a teacher once told me: 'never start a sentance with "and"'. Yeah, I suck at that.

But you know, I got Lookbook now, so press here and get on and FUCKING HYPE MY LOOKS! Please! ♥

lots of love to those who still care.

now I'm gonna go level up in my poupée boutique@facebook. It pwns farmville.

And I like lists

5 things I like to do:

1. Edit pictures of myself in photoshop (HELLOOOO my name is vanity).

2. Sitting in my room all by myself doing absolutely nothing of importance (sometimes I do eat something really unhealthy too).

3. Watching my favourite TV-shows on my computer, in my room, late at night, all by myself (I hate watching with other people, I feel so stupid when I always giggle at not funny things. I rather laugh at them in aloneness).

4. Dress up in cool outfits and do my hair (and not necessarily go out in them later, but preferably).

5. Listening to music real loud while traveling by buss.

5 things I don't like to do:

1. Anything to do with sience class.

2. Shopping with someone who just follows you around (which most likely means that they're not that interested in clothing, which followingly makes them a lousy shopping partner for me anyway).

3. Seeing my favourite TV-show actors/actresses in new TV-shows which I really don't like, or plainly sucks (like David Duchovny in Californacation. What was he thinking?!).

4. Talk to people who thinks they're better than me without any actual reason to think that they are.

5. Listening to people who are full of themselves and JUST WON'T SHUT UP.

5 to know about me:

1. After school/work/whatever I have to put on a loose dress, wash of make up and put up my hair as soon as I get home, or I'll get this claustrophobic feeling.

2. Even though I'm in desperate need of a loose dress at some, I really hate showing myself in it in public. Same goes for sporty clothes.

3. Our family owns two houses. Both are big, like a villa and a row-house and they're standing on the same lot with a garden in between. No one is currently living in the smaller one.

4. I've got two big closets and one clothes hanger in my room filled with clothes. I also have multiple big bags filled with garmets I don't use in our other house.

5. I know the whole Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare by heart.

5 song I really like:

1. Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie

2. Oh Well by Lady Gaga

3. Vienna by Ultravox

4. I will always love you by Dolly Parton (NOT Whitney Huston)

5. Only You by The Flying Pickets

What's not to like?

9 things I really like at the moment:

1. I got an invite to lookbook.nu. I applied for one and got one!

2. One of the persons I texted with the most in the past few weeks is my old teacher...

3. Only got a week left at work until I get some summerbreak before school starts.

4. Two weeks until my first pay.

5. Mum ordered two more Bowie CD's. Diamond Dogs and "Heroes".

6. I had this moment today when I was leaving a lady's apartment. I was out in the staircase and I suddenly heard music from a distance. I stopped to listen to what it was and suddenly realised that it was Ziggy Stardust. Made my day.

7. I refurnished my room yesterday and I love how it turned out.

8. My colleagues at work. They're all so nice.

9. Someday soon, me and Kajsa are going on a little fieldtrip which is going to be so much fun!

I could put so much more on this list, but it would just get boring to read. I'm really happy atm (except for the fact that I have to work all weekend, so no sleep-ins for me...)!



the striped dress, I has it!

Don't lean on me man, 'cause you ain't got time to check it

"... Regnar det så tar vi det en annan dag."

Regnar det på onsdag så bryter jag ihop litegran.

Men i alla fall... Idag fick jag sluta tidigare och imorgon är jag ledig. Bara två veckor kvar på jobbet. Kommer kännas lite konstigt sen. Kommer sakna mina arbetskamrater och mina söta tanter lite tror jag. Men jag kommer inte sakna att börja klockan sju.

'Du ser ut som en såndär... Jag kallar det "ungdomar i klänning"... Det är fint...'

Och jag är jävligt sugen på hamburgarna som pappa steker där nere nu... Och Bowies Ziggy Stardust skiva är fin.

Don't feel like translating, it's nothing of importance anyway.

Vanity Fair


Keeley Hawes

Hi Keeley I'm a little bit in love with you. Damn I want to watch Identity. Please please please does anyone know a working stream, or at least help me find one?



Moonage Daydream

Hej jag är lättpåverkad. Nejmen, luggen är tillbaks igen, hade faktiskt tänkt på det rätt länge och the Ladys nya hair-do var ju liksom droppen. Sitter och lyssnar på Bowies The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust och Hunky Dory. Hade tänkt börja jobba mig igenom hans skivor. Det är så jäkla många att jag lär vara sysselsatt ett tag. Börjar med de ovannämnda eftersom de var de ända vi hade hemma förutom The Singles Collection.

Pallar inte skriva här så ofta. Finns liksom inte så mycket att skriva om. Det ända jag gör är att jobba, läsa och sova. Och titta lite på gamla Marilyn Monroe-filmer (Some Like It Hot ♥). Jag har en del nya kläder som jag tänkt visa någon dag. Annars försöker jag hålla MonsterYouth uppdaterad.

Och btw, idag bokades det en liten resa för min och mamis del i september. Gissa vart?!


Hi I'm very imperssionable. No, but I cut my bangs again. Had been thinking about it for some time anyways and the Lady's new hair-do I just had to. Listening to Bowie's The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory. Am planning on working my way through his records. They're so damn many so I'll be busy for a while. I'll start out with the ones mentioned above since they were the only ones we had at home apart from The Singles Collection.

I don't write here all that much anymore. There's not really much worth writing about. I only work, read and sleep. And occationally watch old Marilyn Monroe movies (Some Like It Hot ♥). I have bought some new clothes I'm gonna show you some day. In the meantime I try to keep MonsterYouth updated.

And by the way, today a trip was booked for me and mummy in September. Guess where too!?


It’s like fashion for fakers
Secrets of the dream makers
heartbeats of the dancers
and without any answers
Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

Använd inte mina bilder
utan min tillåtelse, tack.

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