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Yeah hi,

I'm sitting all alone in my room doing nothing. I WAS watching Identity (KEELEEEEEY ♥) but now I finished the whole series 1 (which is like, only six episodes, but still). It was a really sweet ending. You know the kind when it's almost alright if they don't do a follow up, 'cause it was a good way for it to go. Though I will be a bit sad if I don't get more Keeley.

I've been eating lots of chips and drunk way to much soda for this hour. But tomorrow's my day of so it's alright if I don't fall asleep in time. Only four more working days until I finally get that little bit of summerbreak I totally missed out on.

And if your wondering, the reason I'm only writing in english nowadays is that I'm so tired all the time and it's so boring to translate the swedish texts. And it looses a bit of the meaning when you just translate it right of. So much more fun just writing in english to begin with.

BUT ANYWAY, my point being that I don't do much of importance at all lately and therefore I don't write here very much (very very rarely actually). From time to time I acctually think about stop using this blog altogether, and just have Monster Youth, but then again, where will I empty my brain of this useless yapping? So I'll still keep on updating here every now and then, at least for the while being, and if it bores you then don't read.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling down or sad or anything like that, I'm actually very happy apart from the tiredness. It just seems that my life is working out very well for me, I just REALLY need that summerbreak and the trip in late september with mum.

And a teacher once told me: 'never start a sentance with "and"'. Yeah, I suck at that.

But you know, I got Lookbook now, so press here and get on and FUCKING HYPE MY LOOKS! Please! ♥

lots of love to those who still care.

now I'm gonna go level up in my poupée boutique@facebook. It pwns farmville.


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It’s like fashion for fakers
Secrets of the dream makers
heartbeats of the dancers
and without any answers
Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

Använd inte mina bilder
utan min tillåtelse, tack.

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