What's not to like?

9 things I really like at the moment:

1. I got an invite to lookbook.nu. I applied for one and got one!

2. One of the persons I texted with the most in the past few weeks is my old teacher...

3. Only got a week left at work until I get some summerbreak before school starts.

4. Two weeks until my first pay.

5. Mum ordered two more Bowie CD's. Diamond Dogs and "Heroes".

6. I had this moment today when I was leaving a lady's apartment. I was out in the staircase and I suddenly heard music from a distance. I stopped to listen to what it was and suddenly realised that it was Ziggy Stardust. Made my day.

7. I refurnished my room yesterday and I love how it turned out.

8. My colleagues at work. They're all so nice.

9. Someday soon, me and Kajsa are going on a little fieldtrip which is going to be so much fun!

I could put so much more on this list, but it would just get boring to read. I'm really happy atm (except for the fact that I have to work all weekend, so no sleep-ins for me...)!


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It’s like fashion for fakers
Secrets of the dream makers
heartbeats of the dancers
and without any answers
Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

Använd inte mina bilder
utan min tillåtelse, tack.

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