Hi, I'm alive. Though just barely. I haven't blogged since my last day of, 'cause I've been so tired after work that I practically fall alseep when I get home (well, I lay on the sofa and watch like ten episodes of family guy, but that's almost sleeping). Last friday I was in town with Kajsa and bough some new stuff on the summersale. Two dresses, one tank top, a bag and a pair of shoes. Pics might come sometime soon. We texted our old teacher and got a really cute answer that made both of our days (and weekend for me).

Yesterday Sanna came over after work and we had a barbeque. It went surprisingly well. Nothing was caught on fire and we didn't burn the meat, only the bread. And it went a bit bananas with the ketchup. But we got to find out if it really worked as hand lotion (if you watched the first ep of Hannah Montana you'll get it). But we're not gonna tell you if it did, you'll have to try yourself! And it took us about half an hour to get the Wii working so we could play WeSing. I beat the record (my own) on pokerface while lying down on the floor watching the TV upside-down. THAT'S how good I am at that song. Sometimes it really does pay of to know the complete lyrics.

Now I'm going to continue cleaning. Only a week until my family comes home from Portugal and only one more day of from work until then. I get everything done on those days because I'm far to tired to do any cleaing after work.

See ya when I see ya.

ps. I wanna go abrooooaaad ;( ds.


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It’s like fashion for fakers
Secrets of the dream makers
heartbeats of the dancers
and without any answers
Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

Använd inte mina bilder
utan min tillåtelse, tack.

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