Photodiary 4/6 2010; Graduation

Pictures from graduation. Not 100% in order, but almost. I look a bit like a retard on most of them, but I don't give a crap since I had the best day ever. Lots and lots of love to all my friends on the pictures, the rest of my classmates and my family and friends on the party at home. Gonna write more about the day later on.

First pic: me and Mimmi t breakfast @Tove's. Second pic: Me and Lilly outside walking downtown, being loud.

Happy students on Student street (it's acctually called that, but in swedish).

First pic: Mimmi and Kajsa. Second pic: Me and Kajsa, the radar couple.

Me, Kajsa and Jeanette (our favourite teacher). I got to sit next to her at lunch!

First pic: Me and my drunk danish classmate and her beer. Second pic: Me and Kajsa again, love you ♥

Me and Pernilla aka Mercedes on the loading platform which we drove around town on, just before we left.


On the loading platform, driving around. We're almost only girls in my class, so there were a lot of white dresses.

Jeanette rode by on her bike. This was us noticing her.

More on the platform.

Emma, me, Mimmi, Pernilla (Mercedes), Liv (Danish girl), Amanda and Lilly. Worlds finest ♥

At home with gradma. I was so tierd I could have fallen asleep in my food (I didn't though).

Photos from the loading platform was taken by my cousin, other pics are taken either by me or by one of my classmates. Except for the last one, it's taken by my sister. All photos are edited by me.


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Secrets of the dream makers
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Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

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