"She was really living a cliché and she loved it. The clichés was what she had always dreamed of. Girl moves to big city. Girl becomes famous, successful and rich. Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. Girl knows she’ll never get out of this, she’s stuck for life."

- extract from "What Are We Now".

Not That I Don't Like You

Jag var ju smart nog att fota den innan jag signerade den. Men jaja, det blir en datorpålägd sign istället. Skiter i att det är asfult.

Ikväll kommer tjejerna hit på disneykväll.

What what what did you say?

Det blev en Telephone-tribute till min vägg.

Hongkong, wireless internet and rotten strawberries dipped in chocolate. Do you really want her?

Jag drömmde en underlig dröm inatt. Jag var helt hundra på att den var på riktigt. Jag tycks ha sådana drömmar rätt ofta nuförtiden...

The Eternal Life Of Victoria King -Extract

'That's right' she said. ‘Where have you heard about me then, ms King?’
’I hear a lot, I read a lot, thereof I know a lot. You have had many people killed.’
‘Doesn’t it scare you then? Usually people get scared by that.’
’I am ignorant to the feeling fear’ I said, in a very matter-of-fact way. ’I only know it, never feel it.’
‘You are one strange child’
‘Everyone always says that. I don’t understand it.’
‘Exactly what is it you don’t understand?’
‘Them. Others. And I don’t really like others either. That’s why I keep to myself.’
‘You don’t like other people? Including me?’
’I don’t know you. But you talk funny.’
‘Well, so do you.’

I don't know where I got my heart but I know it doesn't beat only for you

I love you
but I wont contend
nor tell myself
that I would
never cry for you.

I love you
but I wont pretend
nor fool myself
to believe that
I would die for you.

Page Mary-Ann

Someone page Mary-Ann
´cause we´ve got a situation
a crowd full of monsters
with guns and ammunition

Send her in
she won´t feel a thing
when they blow all of her brains
and her heart out.

Mary-Ann lost the touch
with humanity centuries ago
She´s numb to the bones
and pain she wouldn´t know

Once a year
And only out of fear
her heart makes a single beat
on the date she left her love.

The forsaken child of god
or the Devil´s cursed creation
someone page Mary-Ann
please, we´ve got a situation.

Mary-Ann only cries
in the dim light of night
on the edge of her bed
with a cigarette
because she knows
she lost her life.

Gogo Gaga

Enjoy, 'cause this is all you get. Kommer nog inte orka rita färdigt den och därför inte heller få in den i datorn. Men en sak har jag lärt mig. Kvinnan har drag jag skulle dö för.

The Fame


The fame monster




(Jag hade ingen kategori för teckningar, så nu har "poems and such" bytat namn till "poems, drawings and such". Bara så att ni vet.)

I write, therefore I am

Surfade nyss runt lite och hittade ett blogginlägg om Lady Gagas tatuering på underarmen som är om jag fattat det rätt hennes senaste tatuering. Tydligen så är det ett citat från den tyske poeten Rainer Maria Rilke och där står översätt till engelska:

"In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?"

Tyckte det var så himla fint. Skulle nog också vilja tatuera in någon liknande text på underarmen någon gång. För att kunna skriva betyder så oerhört mycket. Mer än vad man kan förstå. Ännu en anledning till att Lady Gaga är en stor förebild för mig. Hon vet också hur mycket det betyder.


I got paint on my hands and in my mind
A thought of you and what I’m leaving behind
I see rainbows on the wall
And I know it’s not even very far to fall

I don’t want to admit it , but I cannot control
left in the clouds are the remains of my soul
and my always stargazing head
balancing what is reality on a weak thread

Lost faith in everyone but myself long ago
That I cannot even tell who is friend of foe
I dreamed a dream of you tonight
Making me wonder why I even fight?

Jag gillade en liten "ordvits" som blev i denna, men det är bara jag som förstår den... haha.

cries by the pain, not so vain

Sometimes I wish I could say I don't care, but I do.

Castles, music and the moon

'When I look at you three things comes to mind. Castles, music and the moon. Why is that? What does it mean?'
'It means that all those memories you think you've lost still is there, somewhere deep inside your mind.'
'Good, cause I really want to remember you.'
'I want you to too.'

Fashion wake-up call

"Sleeping Mannequin is not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle about daring to dress and act out of the ordinary."

- Emily Anderson, Wonderland Desert 9: Keeping the secret (Interview with Emily Anderson)


"When they had spare time, which happened very rarely, but often enough, they would, just the two of them, sit closely together and tell each other stories."

- Wonderland Desert 4: It was only a kiss

A true diamond

"‘Then we probably shouldn’t tell you she had a crush on you back then, then’, Z said and giggled. Emily blushed and lowered her head.
’No, that’s sweet’ Andrew was fast to reply. For some reason he didn’t want Emily to feel that she was in a weak position. She lifted her face, looked him straight into the eyes for the first time that night and gave him a feeble smile. It gave him a weird feeling. It was something about this girl. It was like when he looked at her he saw something that he had been looking for. He was hoping that it was the girl he was going to sing with. Because, no doubt, she was a true diamond."

- Wonderland Desert 2: A true Diamond

Wonderland Desert

"It’s mostly just a lot of sand, he said. Not much to look at. I just like how it’s so peaceful."



Ikons on my wall, crosses around my neck
Where can I find my faith?
I burned my book.

I am slipping but I will never regret my flaws
and I am not as shaken
as it may look.

I guess your wagon really did turn into a pumpkin, princess!

It's not really that far to the ground if you fall
Though I wonder if you'd try to catch me at all
But I believe that when the day comes to an end
If we try once more you could still be my friend.

Right now I want you to die
but I don't want
you for dead, make me cry
words are just a sweet lie
the stars are not so high
but without wings
we can't fly.

Ask me if I'm coping, I don't need to contemplate
There is no need for reaching, I believe we have faith
And I do believe in truth but I am the coldest liar
I said I didn't love you only 'cause I bruned in the fire.

You only love at my demand
and when we
On the same streets stand
it won't be as I planned
But on the other hand
we all inhabit
the Dustland.

Tidigare inlägg

It’s like fashion for fakers
Secrets of the dream makers
heartbeats of the dancers
and without any answers
Dreams are reality
on the verge to insanity
it’s just a cheap rhyme
and it all happens

Använd inte mina bilder
utan min tillåtelse, tack.

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